Yes, Ajiil Consulting is about expertise, experience and resources. But Ajiil is also a state of mind. Our mind set is rooted firmly in innovation and we relish the opportunity of thinking outside the box wherever it’s appropriate to come at something a different way. We’re disruptors, challenging convention, questioning what’s accepted and championing progress.

Just like you, we’ve had – and still harbour – dreams and ambitions. We know-how to help release the full potential from your venture because we’ve built and we’ve sold. Along the way we’ve won and lost. Known frustration and jubilation. Picked ourselves up, dusted down and carried on. We know what it takes to succeed and we are here to help you do precisely that.

Our Team

Our core group of experts includes serial entrepreneurs, tech-heads, marketing gurus, talent sorcerers, legal eagles and financial whizzes, and we’ve been doing it with SaaS for as long as SaaS has been around.

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