Web3 is an irresistible force. Join with us and be part of it.

Share in the benefits of an ‘oven-ready’ tech entrepreneur’s ecosystem. Invest in a group with the building blocks of Web3 in place, in pole position to capitalise on the next-gen internet.


Four Pillars of Web3

Embrace the defining elements of the next-gen internet and these critical values that chime with the entire global community.


Exploits blockchain to escape the gravitational pull of power and control exerted by tech giants


Establishes ownership and allows the realisation of value from digital assets.


Upholds an individual’s rights of ownership and control of their personal data.


Self-sovereign identity avoids the need for 3rd party trust services to validate and authenticate.

Ride the Web3 wave of opportunity

Share in the advantages of locking into a group of companies founded on the principles of Web3.


Our Web Ecosystem3

Leading timesheet and onboarding automation solution for the recruitment back office.

Securely maintain and share personal data only with companies authorised by the owner

‘Big Data’ advanced reporting and analytics using data lake and data warehouse technologies.

Innovative financial services exploiting blockchain technology to ensure data integrity.

Why Investors Choose Ajiil

Some of us specialise in leadership, others strategy, or perhaps finance. We’re also developers, data scientists, cryptographers, lawyers, accountants, recruiters, marketers and more.

What unites us all is that we’re technologists tuned into the opportunities of the future of the internet that is being shaped by Web3.

We are an experienced team of talented individuals who have founded businesses, created value and capitalised on exit. We have proven instincts and the acumen to win in a disruptive operating environment.

And that capability is not easy to find ready-assembled. That’s why investors like you choose Ajiil.

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