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For many, recruitment is a very exciting place to be. The recruitment industry is highly entrepreneurial, there are many examples of fast growth agencies that attracted the interest of bigger players as M&A opportunities, delivering fabulous rewards for agency owners and shareholders.

But fast growth often unleashes forces that can create a negative feedback loop. Through inefficiency and exposing weaknesses growth may slow in the worst cases, bringing the business to a shuddering halt and in some cases, pulling it down.

Ajiil is founded by people who built and sold technology solutions for the recruitment sector and that understand both industries very well. Through its mix of consulting and support for functional business areas, Ajiil lets you put in place the framework of control and capability that enables your fast growth recruitment business to overcome barriers and thrive.

Business and technology consulting help line up strategy and get the market offer right. Sales and marketing, HR, finance and legal expertise ensure that all those essential functions that can get in the way of the core business are handled deftly and won’t throw up some inconvenient surprises further on down the road.

When it comes to back office administration, ETZ Payments, Ajiil’s delivery partner for back office automation provides a highly flexible solution that acts has a hub technology, integrating the entire recruitment back office. It’s proven worldwide with many hundreds of recruitment firms.

Whether you have existing technology or are starting afresh, the entire recruitment agency back office including timesheets, invoicing, expense, payroll, accounts payable and receivable can be integrated and automated to eliminate the need for laborious manual processes.


Thinking of breaking away branching out on your own, or perhaps setting up with a business partner or two? Working with Ajiil lets you plug in all the business functional areas you need to support your business, leaving you to get on with selling your agency’s services and concentrating on recruiting and placing talent.

It’s back-office technology that gives you a head start so you don’t have to worry about administration and financial management of your new venture. As you grow, Ajiil scales up behind you with a flexible and agile framework that manages fast growth, eliminating the risk of inefficiency holding you back.

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Established recruitment businesses

Established recruitment agencies looking to expand or increase capability to migrate up the value chain, are able to put in place all the elements to support their ambitions. From help with devising or fine-tuning a business strategy, all the way to business process design and optimisation, Ajiil makes sure a strong foundation is in place.

Established agencies often have favoured back office technologies such as accounting or payroll packages. Sometimes there may be legacy investments can’t simply be junked. ETZ Payments lets you integrate them, retaining what works and providing the connectivity to plug in others that may be needed.

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