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To some observers SaaS has created a bubble. To other’s it’s a gold rush. To people impassioned by the industry it’s always exciting. Out on its own, SaaS is an industry like no other. The power to innovate with technology, establish a strong market fit and quickly achieve exponential growth. The potential to change people’s lives and write a billion-dollar fairy tale.

Genuine SaaS people are likely to share two important distinctions. They are innovators and disruptors. These are not exclusive traits to SaaS insiders, but they are essential to driving the brightest and boldest SaaS ventures forward.

Ajiil is founded by people who have built, sold and worked in SaaS companies and know the industry very well. We understand the pressures and the priorities attached to the online software industry and its customs, conventions and expectations. This puts us in pole position to help you navigate the pitfalls along the road to success.

There is a need for speed and accuracy, and to not lose sight of what may be at stake. When it comes to supporting SaaS ventures, Ajiil is a business like no other. We deliver all our services with a SaaS head on.

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From Concept, Exit and anywhere in between

Ajiil supports online software businesses at any stage, Concept, Seed, Early, Growth, Mezzanine or Exit. Whatever stage your SaaS venture is at, the right mix of Ajiil services are delivered to fully support:

  • The BIG idea – Validating and refining the vision of the founders
  • A strategic approach to success – Creating and executing a plan
  • Agile fast tracking development – Skills required to code quickly
  • Capitalising on first mover advantage – Reaching MVP rapidly
  • Growth hacking – Optimising marketing to drive rapid growth
  • Reaching goals – Triggering the next round of funding
  • Attracting investment from the right investors

Business and technology consulting help line up strategy and get the product right. Sales and marketing, HR, finance and legal expertise ensure that all those essential functions that can get in the way of the core business are handled deftly and won’t throw up some inconvenient surprises further on down the road.

Through its mix of consulting and support for functional business areas, Ajiil lets you put in place the framework of control and capability that enables your fast growth SaaS venture to overcome barriers and thrive.

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