Business consulting

It takes high-level strategic skills and experience to build a successful business. Our business consulting team is composed of entrepreneurs and experts, people who have operated at a high-level building, scaling and exiting businesses. Our team complements the strategic skills you have within your team, or fills the gap when you lack them.

You no longer have to deal with the cut and thrust of higher level strategic business practice by yourself. With guidance and advice from our experts, wherever you are in the growth maturity model, with Ajiil you make sound decisions to keep you going in the right direction.

Technology consulting

Your technology consulting needs revolve around how much internal capability you have and how much you want to offload. The back office requirement might include timesheets, invoicing, expense, payroll, accounts payable and receivable. It is essential to reduce the administrative overhead in any business, so we advise on outsourcing, using technology to automate repetitive manual tasks.

For tech businesses, our tech consulting team’s experience in getting the cloud computing stack right optimises the infrastructure required to support your application. Compliance, security, scalability and resilience add to the complexity, but with Ajiil, it’s all taken care of.

Sales and marketing

Just like technology, your marketing needs are determined by the level of skills you have on your team. Few people excel in all areas of marketing, and if they do, often there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Whether it’s a vacuum because you have no marketer, a skills gap or simply a lack of time, our expert marketing team plugs in the capability you need.

From competitive analysis and strategy, campaign design, delivery and execution; through to SEO, PPC and inbound strategy, content and social, Ajiil provides flexible marketing to attract and convert new customers and grow your business.

Human Resources

Our HR team has two primary functions – making sure that you look after your existing team and helping to ensure skills gaps don’t hold your business back. It’s vital to prevent burn-out with regular R&R, keep your team motivated and retain outstanding employees by rewarding achievement.

Coaching and training keeps CPD moving forward and helps to fix the skills gaps of individuals. Where there’s the need to create a new role, Ajiil provides a recruitment hiring process that makes sure we really help you identify the right people with the right skills for permanent, temporary or contract placement.

Financial management

Our financial team is experienced in the finance of businesses of all sizes. Through one of the businesses we built, we make significant use of integration and automation to streamline financial processes, such as invoicing, accounts receivable and payroll.

You might have bootstrapped or be looking for pre-seed. When it comes to attracting investment at any stage right through to exit, Ajiil makes sure investors are shown solid financials based on realistic growth predictions and other data points or KPIs.

Legal advice

Legal matters are often a source of anxiety. In the rush to bootstrap, get to MVP and generate revenue, sidestepping legal matters might seem a necessary shortcut. However, improper handling of the legal side can create a minefield further on down the line. The increasing compliance burden on businesses means there is a real need to pay attention and to get clarity and certainty.

Whether it’s contracts for employees and contractors, partnership agreements, protecting your Intellectual Property Rights, or Service Level Agreement T&Cs and compensatory clauses, Ajiil provides the expertise to makes sure the interests of your entity are protected.

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